Interface Technologies B

As an interface technology project and intended as an interactive installation, the main topics surrounding this object are mysteries and secrets. The users curiosity is aroused by a dark box with a veiled opening and a conveniently placed flashlight near the curtain-like black fabric. The soundscape hidden within can be explored by moving the flashlight inside of the box, where the light values precisely control what is happening on the sound level.

The installation consists of a box with 6 light sensors mounted inside the back wall and a black veil covering the opening, letting hardly any light get inside. Seeking to remain in a raw technology aesthetic, developing an audio system for Teensy with the Teensy Audio Library proved to be the best option to realize this project. The title is not finalized.

What has happened so far:

  • Teensy Board experimenting, multiplying waveforms
  • Alter waveform properties (frequency, amplitude, phase) via potentiometer, buttons, LDR’s; work on the resulting sound experience
  • After LDR’s arrive; change the code to actuate the new setup with 6 LDR’s
  • Plan & mill circuit board; solder the parts accordingly
  • Debug (10 hours ;-; )

To Do / next steps:

  • Cut box

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