larks‘ dream – on life & death

Rehersal Cuts

Lisa Patscheider (Voc, Guit), Corrado Cicuttin (E-Violin), Philipp Schadlofsky (E-Guit), Reinhard Schernthanner (E-Bass), Thomas Schnellinger (Drums)



transmedia performance?

The commodification of the self in a fast-paced society increasingly leaves people yearning for real(er) connection, for emotions to become visible. How does an emotion become tangible? Artistic creations through all media give room to reflect and exist within our personal experiences and feel seen. However, no other format connects to the extent that performances do, may there be dance, music or interactive art, the crowd is made responsible of engaging. In a time characterized by superficial, disengaged communication, it may be necessary to embarrass multiple individuals in order for them to form an emotionally involved group. Artists have a power to create situations that will confuse, disturb or reflect, sensibly and tastefully – to pick up neither too far nor too near from where we have grown to be comfortable. The times leave a trace upon art, as much as art leaves a trace upon the times.

Reframing the transmedia approach in a musical context

„In the best case, this concept guarantees the greatest possible freedom beyond rigid boundaries of media, genres or disciplines.“

Wherever boundaries are accepted and reinforced, artistic monotony becomes a frightful possibility. Within music alone, the rigid genrefication meant to ease the discovery of what’s pleasurable endangers the worth of art which lies beyond pleasure. Whoever has attempted to master any skill is no stranger to that implication. Within art, we seperate works according to form, content and relevance. At what point do we begin to take away from each of these properties by locking them in with others of their kind? Polarisation appears to have some sort of underlying spectrum, from useful / connective over product-oriented to disconnected. Transmedia art as a discipline is dedicated to an existence in between and misplaced. It seems as impossible to grasp the essence of a person by viewing their existence through a variety of situations – how many does it take to perceive the transcendental? Yet, transcendence may not be achieved through what is but rather through what keeps being done.

„It is important to grasp each medium in the spectrum and history of its identity. Through such a practice – precise analyses instead of „anything goes“ – the best forms of expression and translation for the respective contents can be developed.“

Therefore, each aspect of live performance, music and the album as medium requires to be thoroughly examined to discover what has been lost in translation and make an informed decision on how to go about remixing and reintegrating them into a modern artistic context.

Currently exploring various aspects to examine for their historic identity and implications of use

90 min of musical storytelling

These compositions deal with different stages in the life and death of a dream – considering everything unreal can be dreamt about and whatever becomes reality naturally gives up properties of the idealized non-real counterpart. The songs connect to each other and build a dramaturgy of emotions. The form and titles repeat the process already prevalent in songwriting of finding connection and processing personal experiences against the backdrop of an emotionally disconnected world. As I allow the contrary emotions and experiences to connect under the umbrella of „progressive rock“, „art rock“ and „album“ I hope to repeat this process with all that is needed to transport this message under the umbrella of „live performance“.

  1. Wonder
  2. Suffering
  3. Attraction
  4. Joy
  5. Disillusion
  6. Irony
  7. Sympathy
  8. Rage
  9. Envy
  10. Love

The dream – any idea one might have fallen in love with.

An idea usually receives more love than its appearance as it comes to life by the one who is dreaming

But life may become very hard when one fails to cherish what is true

To sustain a balance between clinging and letting go, appreciate every scene of the play.

No use cursing a shadow moving naturally. No use questioning the sun when it comes. No use cursing youself for cursing.

an abundance of meaning lies at the root of deliberate action. there is no meaning without movement.

and within movement you may find yourself losing the fear of the death of the dream, enabling life.


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